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What does this sign mean?

A Water across the road

This sign is found where a shallow stream crosses the road. Heavy rainfall could increase the flow of water. If the water looks too deep or the stream has spread over a large distance, stop and find another route.

Related Information

This sign is an important reminder to drivers that they should be extra cautious when crossing a shallow stream. Heavy rainfall can cause the water level of streams and rivers to rise quickly, making it difficult for drivers to tell if the water is too deep or not. If this happens, then it's best for them to find another route instead of risking their safety by driving through the water.

It's also important for drivers in these situations to consider other possible dangers associated with heavy rain and flooding such as debris being swept up into the road or hidden obstacles beneath the surface of deeper waters. Even if a driver believes that they can safely cross a shallow stream during heavy rainfall, there may still be unseen risks lurking beneath its depths that could put them in danger if they are not careful enough.

Overall, this sign serves as an essential warning about taking caution when crossing shallow streams during periods of extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfalls which could potentially lead to dangerous scenarios on roads. Drivers should always look out for signs like these so that they know what routes are safe and which ones aren't before attempting any crossings under poor weather conditions.


Muhammad faizan

2 years ago


Asif khan khosti

2 years ago

the ever great app

Hubert Cumberdale

2 years ago

Brilliant for the multiple choice bit of the theory. Never looked at the highway code, just went through all of the practice questions in this (free version) over a few hours and passed my test 48/50.

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