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What does this sign mean?

A No overtaking

Road signs that prohibit overtaking are placed in locations where passing the vehicle in front is dangerous. If you see this sign don’t attempt to overtake. The sign is there for a reason and you must obey it.

Related Information

Whether or not to overtake is frequently up to the driver's judgment and relies on the type of vehicle being driven and the specific road. Overtaking another vehicle may be prohibited on some road segments, or even the entire road. No overtaking signs, road markings, or both are used to indicate the rule, with the exception of dual carriageways and motorways. Not every time no overtaking road markings are used in conjunction with a no overtaking road sign.

The circular no overtaking road sign has a red border, signaling that it is giving vehicles an order. It is forbidden to overtake because the no overtaking sign is regulatory. When the white lines on the road turn from a continuous line to a broken line, the no overtaking restriction is lifted. On bends, dips in the road, and in areas where there are hills, no overtaking signs are frequently placed.

Only carry out an overtaking maneuver if it is absolutely essential because it can be risky. Every year, a lot of drivers unnecessarily pass other vehicles, which leads to accidents. Anticipation, preparation, and driving techniques like the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre (MSM) or MSPSL routine must be utilized if overtaking is necessary.

A driver will receive three penalty points on the drivers licence and a £60 fine if they are found overtaking in an area with no overtaking signs. Even if overtaking is permitted but is done recklessly, the driver may still be fined. Driving recklessly or dangerously leads to a court summons and can result in a driver receiving between 3 and 11 penalty points for dangerous driving and between 3 and 9 points for careless driving. Depending on the situation, a license suspension or an unlimited fine may be applied.


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