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What does this sign mean?

A Crossroads.

The priority through the junction is shown by the broader line. You need to be aware of the hazard posed by traffic crossing or pulling out onto a major road.

Related Information

Crossroads signs are a common sight on roads all over the world. They serve as an important reminder that drivers need to be extra aware and cautious when approaching intersections, as they can often present unexpected hazards. Crossroads signs consist of two intersecting lines, with one line being thicker than the other to indicate priority through the junction; in most cases this is given to traffic travelling straight ahead or coming from a major road onto a minor road.

All drivers should take special care when approaching crossroad junctions, particularly if there is any indication that vehicles may be crossing or pulling out onto their path from another direction. This could include cars waiting at side-streets before turning into main roads, cyclists emerging suddenly without warning lights and pedestrians stepping off pavements without looking for oncoming traffic first. In these situations, it is always best practice for motorists to slow down and proceed with caution until it's safe enough for them to continue driving normally again.

It's also vital that drivers remain vigilant at crossroads even after they have passed through them safely – especially in areas where there are multiple lanes merging together – as other vehicles may still pose potential risks by cutting across several lanes quickly or unexpectedly swerving around corners. By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure your journey remains safe throughout its entirety!


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