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What does this sign mean?

A With-flow bus and cycle lane.

Buses and cycles can travel in this lane. In this case they will flow in the same direction as other traffic. If it’s busy they may be passing you on the left, so watch out for them. Times on the sign will its hours of operation. No times shown, or no sign at all, means it’s 24 hours. In some areas other vehicles, such as taxis and motorcycles, are allowed to use bus lanes. The sign will show these.

Related Information

Buses and cycles can travel in with-flow bus and cycle lanes, which means they will flow in the same direction as other traffic. This is a great way to keep cyclists safe from cars on busy roads. It also allows for smoother rides for buses, allowing them to get through congested areas more quickly. The times of operation are usually posted on signs near the lane; however if no sign or time is shown then it’s assumed that it’s open 24 hours a day. In some cases, other vehicles such as taxis and motorcycles may be allowed to use these lanes too – this should also be noted on any signage nearby so drivers know who else could potentially occupy the space alongside them when driving past these areas.

Cyclists must take extra care when travelling along with-flow bus or cycle lanes because there may be faster moving traffic passing by rapidly at times, particularly during rush hour periods where people are trying to get home quickly after work or school runs have finished up for the day! To make sure you stay safe while cycling, pay attention not only what's ahead of you but also what's behind you so that if something unexpected happens (such as another vehicle entering your lane) then you have enough time to react accordingly without putting yourself in danger unnecessarily - always remember safety first!

Overall using with-flow bus and cycle lanes can benefit both motorists and cyclists alike by providing safer routes away from main roads where congestion often occurs - just remember though that different types of vehicles might share this space at certain points throughout each day so everyone needs to remain aware whilst travelling around these particular sections of roadways!


Shushanna Buachie

1 year ago

Great to use. It Allows you time to think about your answer and also help you look over the ones you got wrong

Paul Arthur

1 year ago

Nice app and free mode was enough to pass first time! Developing hazard test would be a plus

Ruslan Khasanbaev

1 year ago

Great app, just did 59/60 with first try on my theory exam. Exactly what you need to prepare! Would be great to have hazard perception training too.

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