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What do these motorway signs show?

A They are countdown markers to the next exit.

The exit from a motorway is indicated by countdown markers. These are positioned 90 metres (100 yards) apart, the first being 270 metres (300 yards) from the start of the slip road. Move into the left-hand lane well before you reach the start of the slip road.

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What are countdown markers on motorways?

On a motorway, there are markers that count down the distance to the exit. A blue background with 3 white stripes on it tells you that the junction is 300 yards (or 275 meters) away. 200 yards away is indicated by 2 stripes, and 100 yards away is indicated by 1 stripe. You can use these countdown marker signs to assist you in determining when to move to the left lane in order to take the exit.

On a motorway, it takes longer to prepare for a junction than it does on other types of roadways. One reason is that people tend to drive more quickly, and another is that you might have to cross several lanes. If you miss your exit, you are forced to move to the next exit. Sometimes returning to your desired location requires re-joining the motorway in the opposite direction or traveling back through smaller, slower roads. By maintaining your observation abilities, you may frequently prevent the added time, expense, and worry that results from this.

How to leave a motorway?

You use a junction to leave a motorway. At one mile, half a mile, and then 300, 200, and 100 yards before the slip road to the exit begins, these junctions are prominently designated with signage, and countdown markers (to the right).

When approaching the half-mile sign, always try to be in the left lane. On a dual carriage, signal left as you pass the 300-yard countdown marker. In order to leave the motorway, you should use the MSM/PSL routine in good time. Unless you are currently in the left-hand lane, move into the correct lane as soon as possible. If you don't make it to the desired intersection, proceed to the next junction, exit the motorway, and reenter in the opposite direction. Reversing up the motorway to the slip road is never a good idea.



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