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Unbalanced wheels on a car may cause _________.

A The steering to vibrate.

If your wheels are out of balance it will cause the steering to vibrate at certain speeds. It is not a fault that will rectify itself. You will have to take your vehicle to a garage or tyre fitting firm as this is specialist work.

Related Information

Unbalanced wheels on a car can cause a variety of problems for the vehicle and its driver. When one or more of the wheels are not properly balanced, it can lead to increased vibration in the steering wheel, uneven tire wear, and poor fuel efficiency. All these issues can be costly to repair or replace parts if left unchecked.

The most common symptom of unbalanced wheels is an excessive amount of shaking in the steering wheel when driving at higher speeds; this problem usually becomes more noticeable as speed increases past 50 miles per hour (80 km/h). Additionally, tires that are out-of-balance will show signs such as cupping or bald spots on certain areas due to uneven contact with pavement while driving; this also leads to decreased gas mileage since there is less traction between tire and road surface which causes drag resistance from air flow around them.

Ultimately it’s important for drivers to regularly check their vehicles' balance levels so they don't have any unexpected breakdowns due to lack of maintenance - especially during long trips where having reliable transportation is essential! Taking care now could save you time and money down the line by avoiding major repairs caused by unbalanced tires – something no one wants!


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