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Turning the steering wheel while your car is stationary can cause damage to the

A tyres

Turning the steering wheel when the car is not moving is known as dry steering. It can cause unnecessary wear to the tyres and steering mechanism.

Related Information

Turning the steering wheel while your car is stationary can cause damage to the tyres. This type of damage, known as scuffing, occurs when you turn the wheels without moving them forward or backward. It’s a common mistake made by inexperienced drivers who don’t know any better and it can be costly to repair if not caught in time.

When turning your steering wheel while stationary, you are placing unnecessary strain on both front and rear tyres which causes uneven pressure distribution across their surface area. This leads to excessive wear on one side of each tyre resulting in premature degradation of treads due to friction between rubber and road surfaces - leading ultimately towards blowouts or other issues with handling performance down the line if left unchecked for too long. The best way around this is simply avoiding turning your wheels at all until they're actually rolling along pavement - even small amounts like those used when parking cars will add up over time!

In conclusion, it's important that drivers understand how detrimental turning their steering wheel while stationary can be for their vehicle's tyres; taking extra care not only helps protect against potential problems but also saves money from having expensive repairs done later down line due an easily avoidable problem! Making sure that everyone knows about this issue should help ensure safe driving practices are maintained throughout society today – so spread awareness whenever possible!



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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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