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Traffic calming measures are used to

A slow traffic down

Traffic calming measures are used to make the roads safer for vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, pedestrians and children. These can be designed as chicanes, road humps or other obstacles that encourage drivers and riders to slow down.

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Traffic engineers define traffic calming as a set of methods that help reduce traffic, reducing the negative consequences of vehicular traffic, change driver behaviour, and better road conditions for non-motorized street users.

For the following reasons, traffic calming techniques are the best method to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety:

- Devices reduce the number of automobile traffic lanes available for pedestrian crossing.

- Allow space for pedestrian crossings.

- Ensure the speed limit and keep it within a particular range.

- Reduce collision risk and severity in the event of a collision.

- Reduce rear-end and side-swipe collisions to reduce fatalities.

- Allow for on-street parking, acting as a barrier between people and automobiles.

- Increase cyclist safety by adding bicycle lanes.

- Increase the response rate of ambulances and fire trucks to ensure that they arrive on time.

- Allows patients, the disabled, and the elderly to drive in automobiles safely without exceeding the speed limit, and provides a smoother path with no jerks or jolts.

- Traffic calming measures assist law enforcement in ensuring a steady traffic flow and offer highway authorities with a safe route.

- Increase the value of your property.

So, don't neglect traffic control devices since they play an important role in saving your life.



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