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To avoid spillage after refuelling, you should make sure that _________.

A Your filler cap is securely fastened.

When learning to drive it is a good idea to practise filling your car with fuel. Ask your instructor if you can use a petrol station and fill the fuel tank yourself. You need to know where the filler cap is located on the car you are driving in order to park on the correct side of the pump. Take care not to overfill the tank or spill fuel. Make sure you secure the filler cap as soon as you have replaced the fuel nozzle.

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How you fill up your car with fuel?

1. Open Up Your Fuel Cover. There are two main ways to open up the fuel cap. You can either push on the fuel cover or a button on the inside of your car, next to the driver's seat.

2. Open the Fuel Cap. Turn the fuel cap to the left until it comes out or until you can no longer turn it.

3. Lift the Nozzle. The nozzle is located on the right side of the pump; diesel is indicated by a yellow pump.

4. Pick the Grade of Fuel. The recommended grade is typically stated on the inside of the cover, and if it is not, you can check the manual. Never put diesel in a gasoline-powered vehicle!

5. Fill the Vehicle. Hold down the nozzle until the pump automatically shuts off.

6. Put Fuel Cap Back On. Turn the cap too the right until it clicks. One it clicks, try turning the cap once more to make sure it is closed.

7. Close Fuel Cover.


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