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There are flashing amber lights under a school warning sign. What action should you take?

A Reduce speed until you are clear of the area

The flashing amber lights are switched on to warn you that children may be crossing near a school. Slow down and take extra care as you may have to stop.

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What should you do if you notice a traffic sign for a school crossing patrol?

The school crossing patrol road sign, like all red and triangular signs, is a warning. You should be particularly careful in this case since there are certainly youngsters there who might become distracted and rush into the road.

In addition to the school crossing patrol road sign, you may have seen a flashing amber light. When the crossing is open, they are manually switched on and off.

This sign may also be located on a zebra or light controlled crossing, or just on the roadway, so be cautious at all times.

What to look for if you see a school crossing patrol road sign:

- To stop traffic, the patrol officer will raise their stop sign (the lollipop) and cause it to stop. This sign must be obeyed. This is an offence if you do not stop, and remember, there are children involved, so be cautious.

- When all directions of traffic are stopped, the patrol will step into the centre of the road and assist the children/adults in crossing.

- Once the youngsters are securely on the opposite side of the road, the patrol officer will return to the kerb and allow traffic to continue.

- If this is on a dual carriageway, there may be two individuals on duty, or they may assist with one carriageway before moving on to the other.

Remember that when you are not driving, you are a pedestrian, therefore approach crossings with caution and follow the applicable safety guidelines.


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