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The roads are icy. You should drive slowly _________.

A In the highest gear possible.

Driving at a slow speed in a high gear will reduce the likelihood of wheel-spin and help your vehicle maintain the best possible grip.

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When roads are icy, it is important to drive slowly and in the highest gear possible. This will help keep you safe on the road and prevent any accidents or damage to your vehicle. Driving too fast can cause a loss of traction due to slippery surfaces, making it difficult for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. Additionally, driving at higher speeds increases the risk that small mistakes will lead to more serious consequences such as collisions or skidding off the road into other objects like trees or poles.

Driving in a higher gear helps reduce engine speed which makes it easier for drivers stay in control when roads are icy since there is less power being applied from acceleration than if lower gears were used instead. This also allows better response time when braking becomes necessary; as opposed lower gears where sudden stops would be harder because more torque is required from engines working at faster RPMs (revolutions per minute). Furthermore, by using higher gears while driving slowly on icy roads helps conserve fuel which could come handy during winter months with colder temperatures leading up increased costs associated with heating homes and businesses alike .

In conclusion ,driving slow but steady while using high-gears provides multiple benefits including improved safety due reduced chances of losing traction , quicker reaction times when brakes need applied as well less fuel consumption compared low-gear scenarios . All these factors should taken into account whenever conditions require extra cautionary measures like icy weather so that everyone gets home safely without any incidents along way


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