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The dual carriageway you are turning right onto has a very narrow central reservation. What should you do?

A Wait until the road is clear in both directions

When the central reservation is narrow you should treat a dual carriageway as one road. Wait until the road is clear in both directions before emerging to turn right. If you try to treat it as two separate roads and wait in the middle, you are likely to cause an obstruction and possibly a collision.

Related Information

When driving on a dual carriageway, it is important to remember that when the central reservation is narrow, you should treat it as one road. This means waiting until the entire road in both directions is clear before emerging to turn right. Doing this will help ensure your safety and that of other drivers around you.

Trying to treat a dual carriageway with a narrow central reservation as two separate roads can be dangerous, especially if there are cars coming from both directions at once. If you wait in the middle of the road while trying to turn right, chances are high that an obstruction or even an accident could occur due to lack of visibility for other vehicles approaching from either side.

It’s always best practice when driving on any type of roadway - but particularly those with limited visibility such as dual carriageways - to make sure all lanes have been cleared before making any maneuvers onto them or across them into another lane or turning off completely onto another street or highway exit ramp. Taking these extra precautionary steps will go far in ensuring everyone’s safety and avoiding unnecessary accidents caused by negligence behind the wheel.



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I love its graphics


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This app helps me learn whilst being free. I can learn my weaknesses and aim to pass at higher score


3 years ago

Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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