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Some junctions controlled by traffic lights have a marked area between two stop lines. What is this for?

A To allow cyclists to position in front of other traffic

These are known as advanced stop lines. When the lights are red (or about to become red) you should stop at the first white line. However if you have crossed that line as the lights change you must stop at the second line even if it means you are in the area reserved for cyclists.

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What exactly are Advanced Stop Lines?

ASLs (also known as bike boxes) are popular at UK traffic lights. They are placed to provide cyclists with a safe place to stop at busy crossings and to position them ahead of other vehicles so they have more time to pull off when the lights change.

Is it against the law to enter an ASL?

Drivers who stop inside the Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) when approaching a red light may get three penalty points and a £100 fine.

Rule 178 of the Highway Code states: "Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red and should avoid blocking the way or encroaching on the marked area at other times, e.g. if the junction ahead is blocked.

"If your vehicle has proceeded over the first white line at the time that the signal goes red, you MUST stop at the second white line, even if your vehicle is in the marked area.

"Allow cyclists time and space to move off when the green signal shows."

What is causing the consternation?

Although the Highway Code requires drivers to stop at the first white line, it makes an exception, stating that if the lights change and the driver is forced to brake fast, it is better for drivers to stop in the box rather than risk braking too suddenly.

Furthermore, no-offence is committed if a vehicle enters the box when the lights are green but is unable to depart the area before the lights turn red.

This also makes prosecuting offenders difficult.


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