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'Red routes' in major cities have been introduced to

A help the traffic flow

Traffic jams today are often caused by the volume of traffic. However, inconsiderate parking can lead to the closure of an inside lane or traffic having to wait for oncoming vehicles. Driving slowly in traffic increases fuel consumption and causes a build-up of exhaust fumes.

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Why have red routes been introduced in major cities?
A Red Route features continuous red lines painted along the road, which can be single or double red lines and are always near to the kerb.
Red routes are very popular in town and city centers, and they may be seen instead of yellow lines in some regions. When driving around London, red lanes are common because local officials encourage public transportation to flow.

What can you do on a red route?
Red routes in major cities inform motorists that they are not permitted to stop to park, load, unload, or board and alight from a vehicle (except for a licensed taxi or if you hold a blue badge).
You should also keep in mind that red lines apply to the verge, pavement, and carriageway, and parking on red routes in cities is a traffic violation.

How are red lines defined?
Double red lines - You are not authorized to stop your car at any moment (normally at important junctions, or at bus stops).
Single red lines - You may stop at this spot, but only during the periods specified on a nearby sign.
Red route clearway - You must not stop except at a lay-by designated by an adjacent sign. (Red lines are exclusively used at intersections.)

Are parking on red routes in cities allowed?
If the box is outlined in red, you may park in it for a portion of the day for the purpose specified on the nearby sign.
If the box is painted white, you may park there all day; however, it is best to check the adjacent sign, as there may be strict restrictions on when and how long you can park.

Can buses flow on red routes during peak hours?
During peak hours in London, the red routes are kept clear so that buses may circulate freely across the city.
If you use a red road during peak hours or park illegally on a red route, you might be penalized by either CCTV cameras or "Red Route Patrols."


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