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On a motorway what is used to reduce traffic bunching?

A Variable speed limits.

Congestion can be reduced by keeping traffic at a constant speed. At busy times maximum speed limits are displayed on overhead gantries. These can be varied quickly depending on the amount of traffic. By keeping to a constant speed on busy sections of motorway overall journey times are normally improved.

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What is a Variable Speed Limit?

A variable speed limit is one that is set dynamically, typically through digital variable message signs, such that the maximum speed allowed varies depending on the state of the road. The majority of variable speed limits are located on motorways, although some are also found on the network of general purpose roads—rarely, if ever, in England, and on a few major A roads in Scotland and Wales. The majority of the time, a system of variable speed limits is intended to address congestion problems that arise during particular hours of the day, but they are also frequently employed for safety reasons when a risk only arises during those hours.

How many types of Variable Speed Limits

The M1, M6, and M25 are just a few of the smart motorways that are now among the busiest in the UK. Variable speed limits are more likely to be present on such motorways. On the motorway, the typical national speed limit is 70 mph. Variable speed limits on smart motorways are often set at 60 mph, 50 mph, or 40 mph. On the gantries that are located above the road, they post this temporary speed limit. Additionally, these gantries will alert you when the variable speed limit ends. After then, the usual speed limit of 70 mph will once again apply.

What penalties apply when variable speed limits are violated?

To enforce variable speed limits, smart motorways use average speed check cameras. If you go faster than the temporary speed limit, they can instantly detect it. You will at the very least receive a £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence. Your car insurance premium may then be impacted by this. The penalties for exceeding a variable speed limit are the same as those for infractions of regular speed limits. However, more serious offenses may result in more severe punishments. In severe circumstances, you can receive a summons to court or perhaps be disqualified from driving.


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