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On a clearway you must not stop _________.

A At any time.

Clearways are in place so that traffic can flow without the obstruction of parked vehicles. Just one parked vehicle will cause an obstruction for all other traffic. You MUST NOT stop where a clearway is in force, not even to pick up or set down passengers.

Related Information

What is a clearway?

Clearways are sections of road where it is illegal to stop your car at any time or for any reason. The well-known but frequently misunderstood clearway sign, which is a circular sign with a red cross on a blue background, is used to indicate clearways.

Clearway signs are placed in pairs so that you get see one at the beginning of a stretch of road that has been designated as a clearway and the other at the end of that stretch. The word "end" is added beneath the main circular sign at the end of a stretch of road that has been designated as a clearway.

Any vehicle that does stop on a clearway must be pulled completely off the main carriageway so as not to impede traffic in any way.

What does an Urban Clearway sign mean?

In built-up areas, you can typically find Urban Clearway road signs. Some times are stated at the bottom of the sign. The Urban Clearway sign is meant to inform you that, unless you are picking up or dropping off passengers, you are not permitted to stop your vehicle on the roadway or at the side of the road during these times. There won't be any additional road markings to go with the Urban Clearway road sign. Instead, you'll typically see Urban Clearway signage at regular intervals along the clearway, and as you’ve reached the end, there is a sign that says "end."

Can you park in an Urban Clearway?

Parking in an Urban Clearway is permitted, but not during the hours specified on the road sign. The times shown on an Urban Clearway sign are often rush hours. This permits free flow of traffic along the road during rush hours but yet permits overnight and quiet-time parking. Free parking on the urban clearway isn't always guaranteed outside of the times specified. You might need to display and pay.



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