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Objects hanging from your interior mirror may _________.

A Restrict your view.

Ensure that you can see clearly through the windscreen of your vehicle. Stickers or hanging objects could affect your field of vision or draw your eyes away from the road.

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Why You Shouldn't Hang Anything from Your Rearview Mirror

1. While driving, the hanging object might obstruct your view or become distracted.

This is the most obvious and possibly the most significant reason against hanging dangling objects from your rearview mirror. These items will impair your ability to see through the windscreen. A big object swinging around at eye level will also undoubtedly divert your attention from the road. For example, you might swerve into oncoming traffic without noticing it until it's too late if fuzzy dice on your mirror swing in the incorrect direction at a critical moment. Therefore, hanging dangling objects from the rearview mirror raises the risk of traffic accidents.

2. The hanging object can harm your rearview mirror.

Rearview mirrors are typically only attached to the windscreen by a strong adhesive, like heavy-duty glue. The adhesive is more than enough to hold the rearview mirror in place under normal conditions. But if you hang something heavy and bulky, the mirror will become heavier and the glue will eventually come loose. The rearview mirror will eventually come off. If this occurs while you're driving, there's a good possibility the surprise will make you panic and lose control of the vehicle. Even though rearview mirrors are simple to replace, you should lessen the weight you put on them to minimize the hassles and inconveniences of doing so.

3. Legal issues

It is against the law to hang anything on the rearview mirror, and the police may pull you over if you do. The law makes it clear that nothing that hangs on the rearview mirror should detract from or block the driver's vision. The police officer who pulls you over may fine you with obstruction of view if you hang something that blocks your view, such as a graduation tassel or air freshener. The ticket is usually £1,000 or 3 points on your license.


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