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New petrol-engined cars must be fitted with catalytic converters. The reason for this is to

A reduce harmful exhaust emissions

We should all be concerned about the effect traffic has on our environment. Fumes from vehicles are polluting the air around us. Catalytic converters act like a filter, removing some of the toxic waste from exhaust gases.

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What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is most commonly described as a mechanism that creates oxygen from nitrogen oxide emissions. When a car is operating, nitrogen oxides are produced in the exhaust, giving the vehicle a bad smell of burning fuel. The catalytic converter, which combusts the gases, heats the exhaust gases. The released oxygen aids in the removal of harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.

The less hazardous the air is, the more efficient the emission control system is. The primary purpose of a catalytic converter is to assist decrease emissions from the exhaust system.

The main purpose of a catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is intended to improve the engine efficiency of your car. It accomplishes this by lowering hazardous emissions like nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, thereby eliminating them from the atmosphere. It must be installed if your vehicle has an internal combustion engine, whether it is a classic or a high-performance vehicle.

It may appear to be a simple feature, but it is essential, and you would be shocked how many automobiles do not have one. A catalytic converter does not totally eliminate NOx emissions; instead, it interacts with carbon monoxide and NOx to lessen its potency. It is not illegal to drive without a catalytic converter; nevertheless, if your automobile is discovered to be emitting dangerous emissions during a MOT test, this will be classified as a MOT failure.



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