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How should you use the emergency telephone on a motorway?

A Face the oncoming traffic

Traffic is passing you at speed. If the draught from a large lorry catches you by surprise it could blow you off balance and even onto the carriageway. By facing the oncoming traffic you can see approaching lorries and so be prepared for their draught. You are also in a position to see other hazards approaching.

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What is an Emergency Telephone on a motorway?

On the UK's motorway network, emergency telephones are typically orange and are located at regular intervals. These phones allow you to reach the police directly, who will then put you through to the Highways Agency Regional Control Centre. In regard to the phone you are using, the staff at the Highways Agency Regional Control Centre will ask you what happened and whereabouts your vehicle is. The control centre will then contact the nearest patrol to come to help you, along with any necessary emergency services.

How to Use an Emergency Telephone?

- You should make your way over to the emergency phone on your side of the road on foot.

- Following the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder is the simplest and fastest way to find an emergency phone.

- Don't worry, using an emergency phone won't cost you any money; it's free to use and connects directly to the Highways Agency or the police.

- Use the emergency phone instead of a mobile phone whenever possible because you will reach the right people more quickly, which means you will be located and assisted more quickly.

- Even if you are on the hard shoulder and making a call to request help, you should always face the traffic when speaking on the phone and be mindful of what is occurring on the motorway.

- Whether there was an accident or a breakdown, you should report all the circumstances to the Highways Agency or the police.

- Let the control centre know if there are passengers in your car who require special help so that they can try to give your call priority.

- Let the control centre know if you are traveling alone, and they will endeavor to give your call priority.

- When the call is over, you should always head back to where your car is parked. You should keep some space between you and your vehicle as you wait away from the carriageway. A live carriageway is an extremely hazardous location.

- Since you can't predict when assistance will arrive, it's important to keep yourself warm while you wait.


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