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How can you use the engine of your vehicle to control your speed?

A By changing to a lower gear.

You should brake and slow down before selecting a lower gear. The gear can then be used to keep the speed low and help you control the vehicle. This is particularly helpful on long downhill stretches, where brake fade can occur if the brakes overheat.

Related Information

Driving safely means controlling your speed. While most drivers know that speeding is dangerous and can lead to costly tickets, many are unaware of how their vehicle’s engine can help them maintain a safe speed. Here’s what you need to know about using the engine of your car or truck to control your speed:

First, understand the relationship between acceleration and deceleration in relation to throttle control. When you push down on the accelerator pedal, it increases air intake into the cylinders which causes an increase in power output from the engine; this accelerates your vehicle forward. Conversely, when you let up off of the gas pedal (decelerate), less fuel is burned resulting in a decrease in power output from the engine; this decreases your vehicle's speed and causes it stop or slow down accordingly.

Second, learn how to use “cruise control” if available on your vehicle model . Cruise Control allows drivers to maintain a specific speed without having to constantly adjust the accelerator pedal manually - just set it once and forget it! It works by monitoring changes in road conditions (such as the grade of a road) and automatically
adjusting the throttle position to maintain speed accordingly – allowing you to keep both hands on wheel while driving at consistent speeds for long distances without fatigue or distraction..

Finally – practice good habits like avoiding sudden stops & starts as well as rapid acceleration & deceleration – these will not only make you a fear driver but also conserve fuel in the long run! Additionally – try to pay attention to the flow of traffic around you and your surroundings so that you slow down or depressurize on time if needed to prevent accidents from occurring due to bad judgement or unnecessary speeding–both of which can lead to costly fines & tickets overtime!.

By understanding how to efficiently use your car or engine for the safe control of its speed, drivers can greatly safeguard themselves against dangerous situations while also saving money in the process !


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I've only given this a 3star rating at the moment as I've only just started to use the app so am only at stage 1 off questions, what I've done so far I'm very pleased with, straight forward multiple choice questions made understanding questions easy to answer ,not sluggish in anyway app runs perfectly at present

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Recently i passed Theory test just by relying on this app. I will recommend this for the only MCqs . Got 45/50. But, there is no single clip of hazard perception in this app. I would suggest that programmer shoyld add clips for the candidates benefits. 4/5*

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