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How can you tell when you are driving over black ice?

A Your steering feels light

Sometimes you may not be able to see that the road is icy. Black ice makes a road look damp. The signs that you’re travelling on black ice can be that the steering feels light or that the noise from your tyres suddenly goes quiet.

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Driving over black ice can be a dangerous experience. It is important to know how to identify it and take the necessary precautions when driving on it. Black ice forms when there is a thin layer of water that freezes onto roadways, making them slick and difficult to navigate. Knowing how to spot black ice can help you avoid an accident or other hazardous situation while out on the roads.

The first way you can tell if you are driving over black ice is by looking at the temperature outside; temperatures below freezing often indicate that frozen precipitation has settled onto road surfaces, creating potential for icy conditions like black ice.

Additionally, look for areas where cars have recently passed through; these spots are more likely than others to contain patches of slippery surface due to their lower temperatures from friction against tires as vehicles pass by them quickly in cold weather conditions.

Finally, watch out for shaded areas such as bridges or tunnels which tend accumulate moisture faster than other parts of roadway because they do not receive direct sunlight throughout day time hours .

If any combination of these signs appear while driving , slow down your speed and increase distance between yourself vehicle nearby cars so that enough stopping time remains should need arise suddenly . Be aware surroundings especially during winter months , exercise caution always drive safely!



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