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How can missing out some gear changes save fuel?

A By reducing the amount of time you are accelerating.

Missing out some gears helps to reduce the amount of time you are accelerating and this saves fuel. You don’t always need to change up or down through each gear. As you accelerate between each gear more fuel is injected into the engine than if you had maintained constant acceleration. Fewer gear changes means less fuel used.

Related Information

When it comes to saving fuel, one of the most effective ways is to miss out some gear changes. This means driving in a higher gear than you usually would for longer periods at lower speeds. By doing this, the engine will be working more efficiently and using less fuel as it does not need to work so hard when going slower speeds.

This technique works best with manual cars as they have more gears that can be skipped over if necessary, but even automatic cars can benefit from missing out a few shifts here and there too. It’s important though that drivers are aware of their car’s limitations; pushing an engine too far beyond its capabilities could cause damage or strain on other parts of the vehicle which could lead to further costs down the line.

Overall then, missing out some gear changes is an easy way for drivers looking to save money on their petrol bills without having any major impact on performance or safety levels - provided they know how far their vehicle can go before needing another shift change! As long as all these considerations are taken into account then skipping gears should prove beneficial both financially and environmentally in terms of reducing unnecessary emissions being released into our atmosphere every day!



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This app helps me learn whilst being free. I can learn my weaknesses and aim to pass at higher score


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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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