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Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in the _________.

A Suspension.

Uneven wear on your tyres can be caused by the condition of your vehicle. Having it serviced regularly will ensure that the brakes, steering and wheel alignment are maintained in good order.

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Uneven tyre wear and what to look out for:

You will notice one of the following if your tyres are worn unevenly:

- Wear on the inside edge - this is known as shoulder wear and is caused by underinflated tyres.

- Wearing in the centre, also known as centre wear, is caused by overinflated tyres.

Remember that if the car is carrying a heavy load, the pressures will need to be changed.

What causes uneven tyre wear?

Uneven or excessive tyre wear is caused by under/overinflated tyres, suspension difficulties, misaligned wheels, or a faulty braking system.

- Tyres that are under or over inflated - To minimise uneven wear, tyres should be keptĀ at the correct pressures.

- Suspension - defective suspension components can cause wheel misalignment, resulting in unequal tyre wear.

- Wheel alignment - wheels positioned at the proper angle should allow tyres to wear equally; if the wheels are misaligned, more pressure is applied to a specific portion of the wheel, causing the rubber on the tyre to wear faster than the rest of the tyre since this part has greater contact with the road. This also has a negative impact on fuel efficiency.

- Defective brakes - If a car's braking system is faulty, stopping the vehicle will be more difficult, resulting in flat spots on a worn tyre.

What prevents uneven tyre wear?

You may minimise uneven tyre wear by avoiding potholes and kerbs as much as possible, as these can throw your wheels out of alignment.

It is recommended that you inspect your tyres on a regular basis for symptoms of uneven wear to avoid having to replace a tyre prematurely. When the tyres are cold, the pressures should be checked at least once a month.

Regular alignment checks are also recommended.


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