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Driving with under-inflated tyres can affect

A fuel consumption

Keeping your vehicle’s tyres correctly inflated is a legal requirement. Your vehicle will use less fuel and have a shorter stopping distance with correctly inflated tyres.

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Under-inflated tyres can have a serious impact on the performance of your vehicle. The most obvious consequence is reduced fuel efficiency, as under-inflated tyres create more friction against the road surface which requires additional energy to overcome. This means that you will be using more fuel than necessary and this could lead to an increase in emissions from your car.

The next issue is safety; with less air pressure in each tyre there will be less contact between them and the ground, reducing their grip when cornering or braking suddenly. It also increases wear on certain parts of the tyre which could eventually cause them to fail at high speed leading to an accident if not addressed quickly enough.

Finally, having under inflated tires can affect how well they absorb bumps and potholes while driving along uneven roads; with fewer air pockets inside each tire there's less cushioning available meaning that every bump or hole you hit will feel much harsher than it should do - potentially causing damage both internally within your car but also externally too such as increased noise levels due to vibrations coming through from underneath you!


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2 years ago

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