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Before starting a journey in freezing weather you should clear ice and snow from your vehicle’s

A windows

Only travel if you have to. Making unnecessary journeys in bad weather can increase the risk of having a collision. It’s important that you can see and be seen. Make sure any snow or ice is cleared from lights, mirrors, number plates and windows.

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When embarking on a journey in freezing weather, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you are prepared. Taking the proper precautions before setting out can make all the difference between an enjoyable and safe trip or one that leaves you cold, wet and miserable.

The first step in preparing for your journey should be making sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving conditions. This includes ensuring that tires have adequate tread depth, fluid levels are topped off with antifreeze/coolant mix and windshield wipers work properly. Additionally, it’s wise to carry jumper cables or other emergency equipment such as blankets or flares just in case of a breakdown during bad weather conditions.

It’s also important to dress appropriately when travelling during cold temperatures; this means wearing layers of clothing so if needed they can be removed as temperatures increase throughout the day while still providing warmth if temperature drops again at nightfall . It's also essential not forget warm hats gloves , scarves etc.. Lastly don't forget about snacks! Keeping some energy bars handy will help keep up morale especially if stranded due inclement weather .

In conclusion , taking these simple preparatory steps prior departing on any trip will go far towards ensuring a successful outcome regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way !


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