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As a driver, you can help reduce pollution levels in town centres by

A walking or cycling

Using a vehicle for short journeys means the engine does not have time to reach its normal running temperature. When an engine is running below its normal running temperature it produces increased amounts of pollution. Walking and cycling do not create pollution and have health benefits as well.

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Drivers can help the environment in many ways. One way is to drive less. By driving less, drivers reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy resources like gasoline and diesel fuel which helps protect air quality from pollutants released by vehicles. Drivers should also carpool or take public transportation when possible as this reduces emissions from cars on the road significantly.

Another way for drivers to help the environment is through more efficient driving practices such as avoiding hard acceleration, braking, and idling whenever possible; these practices will improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Additionally, drivers should maintain their vehicles regularly with tune-ups or oil changes so that they run at peak performance and don’t emit excess amounts of exhaust fumes into our air supply unnecessarily due to poor engine maintenance habits..

Finally, another great way for drivers to help reduce environmental damage caused by motor vehicle use is by investing in electric or hybrid vehicles instead of traditional gas-powered ones; not only do these types of cars produce fewer tailpipe emissions than regular automobiles but they are also powered using renewable sources like solar power which further decreases a driver’s carbon footprint even more! By taking advantage of all these methods combined together it's easy for any driver out there today make a positive impact on our planet simply through how we choose get around each day!


Saima Zai Cooking

1 year ago


Kelly Parry

1 year ago

I've only given this a 3star rating at the moment as I've only just started to use the app so am only at stage 1 off questions, what I've done so far I'm very pleased with, straight forward multiple choice questions made understanding questions easy to answer ,not sluggish in anyway app runs perfectly at present

Waqas Shahid

1 year ago

Recently i passed Theory test just by relying on this app. I will recommend this for the only MCqs . Got 45/50. But, there is no single clip of hazard perception in this app. I would suggest that programmer shoyld add clips for the candidates benefits. 4/5*

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