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An Emergency Refuge Area is an area ________.

A on a motorway for use in cases of emergency or breakdown

Emergency Refuge Areas may be found at the side of the hard shoulder about 500 meters apart. If you break down you should use them rather than the hard shoulder if you are able. When re-joining the motorway you must remember to take extra care especially when the hard shoulder is being used as a running lane within an Active Traffic Management area. Try to match your speed to that of traffic in the lane you are joining.

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What is an Emergency Refuge Area?

Emergency refuge areas are positioned on smart highways and are intended to provide a "safe haven" for stranded automobiles on busy roads. The issue is that they are spaced up to 1.5 miles apart, with an emergency phone accessible to request assistance.

What is an emergency refuge area used for?

Traditional highways have a hard shoulder for cars to utilize if they have a breakdown, an emergency situation, or have been instructed to halt by the authorities. Emergency refuge areas are part of the government's smart highway plans, which include using the hard shoulder as an extra running lane, either permanently or temporarily, to relieve congestion. The emergency refuge zones have replaced the hard shoulder, but only at defined intervals along the highway. They are only intended for usage in an emergency.

How to use an emergency refuge area?

It is critical that motorists understand how and when to use an emergency refuge area so that they do not jeopardize their own or other road users' safety. Vehicles should draw up to the marked tarmac mark or the emergency phone, and then the occupants should exit from the passenger side. Everyone should remain within the barricades and call an emergency roadside phone to talk with a Highways England representative.


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