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A vehicle has a flashing green beacon. What does this mean?

A A doctor is answering an emergency call.

A doctor attending an emergency may show a green flashing beacon on their vehicle. Give way to them when you can do so safely as they will need to reach their destination quickly. Be aware that they might pull over suddenly.

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What are green beacons?

Usually, a small car with a green flashing beacon is one that belongs to a doctor or a vet. The driver is responding to an emergency patient, according to the green flashing beacon.

Why are doctors lights green instead of blue like an ambulance?

Despite the possibility that there is an emergency, it is likely that the patient's condition is not life-threatening; otherwise, an ambulance would be dispatched. The color distinguishes between the two since the green beacon indicates a "call out" case but is not exempt from the rules of the road, unlike an ambulance.


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