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A rumble device is designed to _________.

A Alert you to a hazard.

A rumble device consists of raised markings or strips across the road. It gives drivers an audible, visual and tactile warning. They are found along the hard shoulder on the motorway and approaching some hazards to alert drivers of the need to slow down.

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What is a rumble device?

A rumble device is a road feature that informs you to a hazard visually, audibly, and via vibrating. Rumble strips, which are elevated lines that cause your vehicle to vibrate and generate a rumbling sound, are the most popular.

What is a rumble device for?

It's to warn you of a hazard so you may slow down or take appropriate action. Giving a cue that activates three of your senses surely grabs your attention. That is exactly what it is intended to achieve. As a result, rumble strips serve four purposes:

- To be seen

- To be heard

- To be felt

- To warn you of an impending hazard

These are typically found in rural regions, particularly at road bends or crossroads.

And if you've ever driven on the highway's hard shoulder, you'll notice your car bounce and rumble as your wheel meets the line. That's because it's a rumble strip, and it's there to warn you to get back in your lane.

What’s the official explanation of a rumble device?

On page 75 of GOV.UK's Know Your Traffic Signs guide, rumble devices are explained as follows:

“Rumble devices across the road, either in the form of strips or larger areas, may be used to provide a visual, audible and vibratory effect, often in rural locations.

The intention is to alert drivers to a hazard ahead, usually a bend or road junction, and encourage them to reduce speed. A warning sign may be used in association with a rumble device to identify the hazard, but the device itself is not the hazard and is not usually specifically signed.”

What should I do if I encounter a rumble device?

When you come across the rumble device, you must take appropriate action. Slow down while approaching crossroads or roundabouts, or when driving through traffic-calming areas.

If you see a rumble strip at the edge of a lane, such as on the hard shoulder or a bend, it means you've drifted too far and should return safely to your lane.



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