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A cover note is a document issued before you receive your _______.

A insurance certificate

Sometimes an insurance company will issue a temporary insurance certificate called a cover note. It gives you the same insurance cover as your certificate, but lasts for a limited period, usually one month.

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What Is a Cover Note?

Until a final insurance policy can be issued, an insurance company will issue a cover note as a temporary document that serves as proof of insurance coverage. A cover note differs from an insurance policy document or a certificate of insurance. The name of the insured, the insurer, the coverage, and the items covered by the insurance are all listed in the cover note.

How a Cover Note Works

Before all the insurance paperwork has been processed, insurance companies will issue a cover note to a person as proof of insurance. The cover note will continue to be the insured's evidence that coverage has been obtained until the insurer issues the policy documentation and certificate of insurance. During this period, the insurer may continue to assess the risks related to insuring the holder of the cover note. Although insurers may impose some limitations until they make any final decisions on the risks involved with the insurance policy, in general, the cover note offers the same degree of protection as the full insurance policy. Whether or not the insurer encounters any issues with the policy coverage between selling the policy and issuing the policy document, as well as how quickly the insurance company can develop a new policy, will determine how long the cover note is still in effect. The insured person will either automatically receive a cover note extension or they can ask for one to be delivered if the cover note expires before the permanent policy documentation is received. The purchase of an insurance policy may be canceled by an individual who has just bought it (but does not yet have a formal policy). If a claim on the insurance was not made during the cancellation period, the individual who merely possesses a cover note will get a refund.

Example of a Cover Note

Cover notes may be crucial in binding the transaction in the case of financing the purchase of a vehicle. The lending institution normally won't let the buyer of a car drive the car off the lot without insurance. A buyer will frequently call their insurance provider and purchase the policy over the phone. The insurance provider will then send the client a cover note immediately through email or fax, allowing them to drive the vehicle off the lot. This will only be essential, though, if the insurance provider is unable to provide a certificate of insurance right away. When the policy is accepted, some insurance companies issue a certificate of insurance rather than a cover note.



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