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A collision has just happened. An injured person is lying in a busy road. What is the first thing you should do to help?

A Warn other traffic.

The most immediate danger is further collisions and fire. You could warn other traffic by displaying an advance warning triangle or sign (but not on a motorway), switching on hazard warning lights or by any other means that does not put you or others at risk.

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The first thing you should do to help an injured person who is lying in a busy road after a collision is to warn other traffic. This step is essential, as it can prevent further injury or even death from occurring due to another vehicle hitting the injured person. There are several ways that this can be done quickly and effectively.

Firstly, if possible, try and wave your arms at oncoming vehicles so they know that someone has been hurt and needs assistance immediately. Alternatively, if there are no cars coming towards you then try shouting out for help loudly enough for people nearby to hear – this could alert them of the situation faster than waving your arms around would have done alone! Additionally, placing objects such as cones or flags around the area will also act as warning signs for drivers travelling through that particular stretch of road - these items will make it much more difficult for any passing motorists not notice what has happened in time before potentially causing more harm by running over them again!

Finally once other traffic has been warned away from the scene then focus on helping those involved with their injuries until medical professionals arrive - assess their condition using basic first aid knowledge (such as checking airways etc.) while simultaneously reassuring them everything’s going to be alright; which might just give some comfort during such traumatic times! In conclusion taking all these steps into consideration when dealing with an accident involving someone lying in a busy road should ensure safety remains priority number one throughout - allowing emergency services personnel enough time upon arrival without having worry about additional casualties being caused by reckless driving too close proximity either party involved.


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